Q-Tech has been advising leading defence OEMs on Market entry and follow up the progress.

Entry Strategy

  • Entry StrategyIdentification, profiling and selection of target products/ services
  • Assistance in the identification of key resources and capabilities
  • Overall development of a strategy roadmap
  • Identification of the right business model for entry e.g. offset, JV with another OEM

 Customer strategy

  • Identification, profiling and selection of the target customer
  • Identification of critical success factors for customer acquisition

JV partner search

  • Identification and selection of suitable joint venture partner
  • Assistance in negotiations
  • Assistance in review and closure of the transaction

Structuring JVs

  • Review of business plans and alternative funding options
  • Provide valuation support and due diligence services
  • Assistance in formation and operatlisation of Joint Venture entity

Technology Management

Team Q-Tech has been in the forefront of Advising a renowned Indian company to take on product development /upgrade of systems. The company has taken lead in the Private sector for such development.

Business Consulting

Q-Tech specializes in offering a boutique of solutions targeted towards enhancing the Overall enterprise efficiency and management of the complete Supply Chain using a combination of Process redesign interventions, Quality enhancing intervention including Certification services and Business enablement and improvement. We undertake overall Consulting assignments of a customized nature involving operational restructuring for clients which include Market discovery across the Indian and International economies.

Supply Chain Consulting

Conduct a Supply Chain Audit covering the entire value chain of activities for the Business to uncover areas of hidden costs for drastic reduction and elimination of the same. Subsequently help design and develop bespoke solutions , pilot and deploy the same as proof of concept prior to full scale deployment across the company.

To evaluate inbound logistics, manufacturing and outbound logistics, with a focus on enhancing business response, eliminate redundancies. Sourcing and procurement initiatives and Supply chain management to source, convert, and deliver product to the end customer, including global distribution and logistics operations.

Consultancy in Operational Improvement

Q-Tech Synergy aims to offer its range of Quality and Productivity Improvement solutions to through, intervention, design of construct and solution deployment, which will Guarantee cost reduction in operations and help uncover newer areas where the companies could possibly save more.