Indian Naval Production & Procurement Compendium 2013-14

Table of Content of the Guide is provided below...

Chapter #TitleValue
Naval Program Management
  • Introduction
  • Indian Defence Market
  • Resource Allocation
  • Naval Capital and Revenue Expenditure
  • Existing Naval Platform Profile
  • Indian Coast Guard Budget
  • Existing Coast Guard Platform Profile
  • Technology Perspective Capability Road Map
II   Naval Acquisition Process and Programme Management
  • Defence Procurement Procedure
  • The Acquisition Process
  • Naval Shipbuilding Acquisition Process
  • Programme Management in Ministry of Defence
  • Integrated Headquarters (MoD)
  • Naval HQ Organisational Structure
III    Naval Programmes and Opportunities  
  • Naval Capabilities Plan
  • Navy Ongoing Procurement Plan -Submarines
  • Navy Ongoing Procurement Plan -Surface Vessels
  • Naval Aviation
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • Coastal Surveillance Network
  • Coastal Security Scheme
  • Indigenization and Indian navy
  • Machinery and Equipment
IV    Naval Armaments, Missiles and Electronics Systems
  • Naval Armament
  • Present Capability and Indigenous Missile Development Programmes
  • Underwater weapons and sensors
  • Naval Guns
  • Naval Radar & Sonar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems
 Indian Shipbuilding - Existing Capabilities & Scope
  • Overview of Indian Shipbuilding
  • Market Size
  • Future Prospects
  • Naval Warship Building
  • Indian Defence Shipbuilding Base - Public Sector
  • Other Government Shipyards
  • Emerging Private Sector
  • Overview of Partnership In The Past

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