Emerging Opportunity & Indian Defence Acquisition

India's modernization drive of its armed forces and the lack of domestic capabilities to keep pace with the requirements of the forces, would ensure that India remains a buyer's market for some time to come. The book “EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIAN DEFENCE ACQUISITIONS”, strings together the proposed capital procurements, including Homeland Security, over the next decade and a half.

Besides outlining the various technology and capability required, value has been added to every proposal keeping in mind the overall demand, the wastage and technology obsolescence. Service-wise RFIs since 2009 have been included - an excellent vista for those in the field and willing to play the waiting game.

The publication will be of interest to:

  • Defence Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Corporate India.
  • Small and Medium Companies from the
  • Defence and Aerospace sector.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

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#List of Chapters
Chapter I:    Indian Defence Industrial Capability Overview
Chapter II:  Defence Product Technology Gap & Market Potential
Chapter III:  Land Systems
Chapter IV:  Aerospace Platforms
Chapter V:  Naval Platforms
Chapter VI:  Homeland Security
Chapter VII:  Miscellaneous 
List of figuresList of figures
Defence budget   Indian domestic market size
Sector contribution GDP 2010-11

Imports Vs market opportunities
Indian imports & exports Domestic market share public Vs private
OFB & DPSU production Indian defence vista (2012-17) 
Assessment based on product technology Breakdown-Land, Aerospace & Maritime System Programme Schedule HCV
Manufacturing productivity across sector Market size – electronic fuse
Roadmap defence policies Induction/De-induction aerospace programme
Indian defence offset (2007-2012) Projected air force fleet 2030
Offset market potential and road map 1000+helicopter by 2020
Sector & industry spread Army’s UAV roadmap
Amount spend on foreign procurements (in $ Bn) Homeland security key areas
Total imports by India – category wise (1997-2011) Projected budget paramilitary force
Service wise capital expenditure 2012-27 ($ Bn)
Market share Aviation, Surveillance & Biometric
Anticipated defence expenditure technology / platform
List of TablesList of Tables
Design spread of armament product

AWACS Current Platform
Existing inventory combat vehicles

Present helicopter Fleet service-wise
Timelines combat systems, aircrafts, helicopters, UAVs & Arms and ammunition

Existing UAV inventory Service-wise
Artillery modernization plan Indigenous UAV programme
Air defence inventory Ship building programme ongoing and in future
Existing inventory ATGMs

Projected HLS market
Existing inventory combat & Tpt aircrafts

CBR threat
Trainer aircraft inventory
NVD Market

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