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Q-Tech offers a range of integrated services to International and Indian organisations to assist them to understand the Indian Aerospace and Defence (A&D) Market and more importantly succeed within the market.

Q-Tech Synergy is a Business and technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support and engineering of technology management.

We facilitate organizational transformation by providing our Clients with creative, value-adding business solutions, employing state-of-the-art research and management methodologies.

  • We offer comprehensive coverage of India Defense & Manufacturing sectors.
  • A team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and market research executives continuously monitor and evaluate the market.
  • Provides quality and productivity related professional services to Manufacturing and Service Industries.
  • Diagnostic services to assess the present status of Quality Management Systems in organizations, provides gap analysis and assists to identify improvement areas.
  • Our services are also available worldwide as an outsourcing partner to Global Organizations in Quality inspection, training, and certification.
  • Q-Tech Synergy trains Senior/middle/junior management personnel in quality initiatives and methodologies, which is the backbone of any Quality improvement projects.

Q-Tech Synergy is a member of good standing with TRACE International

Our Mission

"To assist  development of Indian defence industrial base through range of integrated services such Advisory, Advocacy, Publication and Training"

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repair It focuses on Indian Defence Production, Acquisition and issues, trends, policies and process pertaining to Indian defence production and acquisition.

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