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Q-Tech Synergy is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support and engineering of technology management.

  • We facilitate organizational transformation by providing our Clients with creative, value-adding business solutions, employing state-of-the-art research and management methodologies.
  • We offer comprehensive coverage of India Defense & Manufacturing sectors.
  • A team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and market research executives continuously monitor and evaluate the market.
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Latest News

  • India, US signs $750 Mn deal for 145 M777 howitzers

    India has signed the Letter of Acceptance which formalizes the contract worth $750 Million (~Rs 5000 Crores) between India and United States (US) for 145 BAE Systems manufactured M777 155mm/39 calibre ultra-lightweight howitzers being acquired through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme. The contract entails offsets of about $200 Million,... >

  • Indian Navy launches LCU

    Indian Navy has launched its seventh Landing Craft Utility (LCU). The ship will be extremely useful for joint operations carried out by the Indian Navy and Indian Army for ensuring maritime security and protection of remote islands. It has a capability to transport two tanks or four special vehicles and... >

  • Airbus signs strategic agreement with QuEST Global, AXISCADES

    Airbus has signed a strategic agreement with QuEST Global and AXISCADES to provide a range of critical engineering services for all Airbus aircraft programmes. QuEST will provide services for the Wing and AXISCADES for the Fuselage. The three-year contract was won after a competitive bidding involving seven contenders. This is... >

  • India to revive Kaveri project with Safran

    India has finalized the consultancy agreement with French defence manufacturer Safran to help revive the Kaveri project. The deal cost around $2 Million. Apart from the initial consultancy fees, India may not need to spend on development as the French side has proposed to make the Kaveri flight-worthy within 18... >

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