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Q-Tech Synergy is a technology consulting firm specializing in the implementation, support and engineering of technology management.

  • We facilitate organizational transformation by providing our Clients with creative, value-adding business solutions, employing state-of-the-art research and management methodologies.
  • We offer comprehensive coverage of India Defense & Manufacturing sectors.
  • A team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and market research executives continuously monitor and evaluate the market.
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Latest News

  • MOD Likely to Audit BMD Programme

    MoD has directed DRDO for the early completion   of BMD missile programme which is running behind the schedule. It is considering to carry out an audit of DRDO claims about the performance of the tests. The delay in the Development has constrained India to consider $5 billion purchase of S-400... >

  • Engine for MRH

    HAL is seeking foreign partnership for turbo-shaft engine technology under TOT for AUW class twin engine helicopter.HAL want to indigenously develop 12.5-ton class multi-role helicopter with service ceiling of around 20,000 feet, 3,500 kg payload and a seating capacity of 24. >

  • Russia’s T-50 First Flight

    Russia is developing Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) SukhoiPAK-FAT-50, as a competitor to US F-22. The aircraft is capable of top speed of 1,516MPH (2,440kmh) and effective range of 3,418 miles. Russia has assured FGFA program with India would be a ‘completely new aircraft’ and is not linked to their own new... >

  • First Consignment of M-777

    The BAE system has started delivery M-777 155mm/39-calibre ultra-light howitzers with 2 Guns landed on 18 May, 2017. These will be taken to the Pokhran ranges for testing and compilation of the firing tables for subsequent use. As per deal, 25 guns will be imported, the rest 120 will be... >

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